We work with logistic companies, which allow us to offer solutions to our clients for flexible deliveries. We have logistic centers to supply products to many countries throughout the world. Unlike many industries, we can guarantee the continual availability of both products and services to the highest degree.


We cooperate with the top transport and courier companies, to offer the highest level of logistics service, and we are constantly seeking better solutions to guarantee satisfaction to our clients.

Customer Support

Our Customer Services Department checks every step of the delivery process for the ordered goods, from the moment that they leave the warehouse to the minute they arrive at their final destination. In every stage, we are prepared and ready to respond to any questions related with the service.

Delivery Security

We make every effort to ensure that the shipment arrives in perfect condition, directly into the hands of the recipient. Products transported on pallets are secured with special separators and corner protectors. Furthermore, each pallet is protected with a plastic seal and adhesive tape to avoid the interference of third parties on all deliveries that leave our warehouse.


Our clients can always be assured that their delivery will arrive on time. The cost of the shipment depends on the size and destination of the requested goods. We operate on an Ex Works (EXW) basis.